Care & Handling

Quality porcelain is the strongest ceramic dinnerware material. It’s fired at the highest temperatures and is made of the strongest ingredients. So you can use your fine porcelain as often as you wish with as much confidence. Although it’s very strong, porcelain is still breakable if abused.

To avoid chipping, food should always be removed with a rubber scraper, hand or water spray and should never be banged against a waste bin or another piece of dinnerware

  • All porcelain dinnerware are dishwasher safe but hand washing with non-abrasive materials is recommended; dry with a soft towel
  • Do not put porcelain dinnerware in the oven
  • Avoid any sudden temperature change, such as putting a hot item into cool wash water

For porcelain with gold or platinum decoration:

  • Do not place in microwave
  • Gold and platinum in the pattern may be harmed by repeated use of harsh detergents. Please avoid strong detergents as this may cause pitting on the gold or platinum trim. We recommend the use of liquid-base detergent
  • Whether you are using the dishwasher or washing by hand, use the minimum amount of detergent necessary for cleaning and make sure your tableware is completely rinsed
  • Do not use harsh cleaning tools such as abrasive sponges or metal cleaning pads
  • Allow the porcelain to completely cool before you attempt to remove any pieces from the dishwasher. The heat temporarily softens metal such as gold or platinum.

We hope this information will help you keep your porcelain beautiful and long lasting for generations to come.