About us

We are a family business established in September 2013 importing high quality porcelain from Polish Porcelain Manufacturers “Ćmielów” and “Chodzież”. They have gained a great experience through the years and are one of the main producers of tableware in Poland and Europe.

Diamond Fine Porcelain offers a variety of tea, coffee and dinner sets as well as porcelain boxes, figures and special cups that can be a perfect gift. 

Our offer covers both classic and modern shapes, products hand decorated with gold or platinum and microwave/dishwasher safe items.

Products we offer are made of porcelain - mixture of high quality raw materials Kaolin, Quartz and Feldspar. They stand out from the others by their beautiful snow-white colour and also by unusual precision in performance. The quality is additionally improved by the hand-made and hand-painted elements.

The porcelain we offer is for every occasion, family gatherings, business meetings, the elegant special occasions and for everyday use.

Certainly everyone finds something interesting for themselves so please have a browse through the website.

Agnieszka & Karol