About Polish Porcelain Factories "Ćmielów" and "Chodzież" SA.

Polish Porcelain Factories ‘Ćmielów’ and ‘Chodzież’ are one of the main producers of tableware in Europe. Since 3rd of June 2013 two factories operate together, merging the achievements and potential, offering classic and modern shapes in a very wide selection. High production standards make their porcelain suitable for contact with food according to EU law.
Polish Porcelain Factories ‘Ćmielów’ and ‘Chodzież’ produce high quality fine porcelain, create unique items, pay attention to the smallest detail and emphasize the craftsmanship and the adornment.  

History - Ćmielów

1790 – Local potter united a group of colleagues to create a simple manufacture which produced faience and pots from clay.
1804 – This pottery settlement was bought by the owner of Ćmielów town – Jacek Malachowski who set up Faience Factory.
1821 - After his death the sole heir of the factory became his daughter Franciszka Dunin-Karwicka. At that time the factory was managed by an experienced professional Adolf Fryderyk Watke. The factory strengthened its position on domestic and European markets.
1827 – The factory was leased by two brothers Jeremiasz and Benjamin Weiberg who concluded a trade contract with a merchant called Ordon.
1839 – The new owner Wess family started to produce porcelain.
1849 – Two brothers - Dukes Jozef and Aleksander Drucki-Lubecki became the new owners of the factory. At that time it became popular to decorate dishes with different colour printing techniques.
1863-1880 – An outstanding ceramic Stanislaw Thiele, who was brought to Ćmielów from France, directed the production of majolic goods.
1868 – Fire destroyed the whole factory. It was, however, rebuilt very fast. The owner of the factory at that time was Kazimierz Cybulski.
1887 – The factory returned to Drucki-Lubecki family and maintained the way of production as well as the Limoges French style and technology. Both hand-made decorations and decalcomania were applied at that time. Great successes on exhibitions caused that “Ćmielów” received many new orders which highly contributed to the development of the factory.
1920 – Duke Drucki-Lubecki sold the factory to the Industrial Bank in Lwów and it was renamed to “The Factory of Porcelain and Ceramic Goods in Ćmielów”.
1945 – Join stock company was put under state control and continued its production till the 90’s.
1997 – The factory was privatized and renamed to “Zakłady Porcelany Ćmielów” (“Porcelain Factory of Ćmielów”). Nowadays ZPĆ is a modern factory, producing high-class porcelain articles. The factory has a wide offer of highest quality porcelain goods in on-glaze and in-glaze decorations.
2013 - Ćmielów Porcelain Factory merges with Chodzież Porcelain S.A. Polish Porcelain Factories Ćmielów and Chodzież come into being. Ćmielów Design Studio come into being.

History Chodzież
1852 - the burned castle of the Grudziński family was sold to Hermann Muller and Ludwik Shnorr; faience factory was build on the castle’s fundaments.
1877 - a new owner of the factory – merchant Ehrenwerth.
1879 - bankruptcy, creditor – Loan Treasury in Chodzież becomes the new owner of the factory.
1883 - Hermann Heim buys the factory.
1896 - a new porcelain factory is built in the city centre.
1901 - the factory is sold to the new owner Will Apser; the factory is turned into a joint-stock company ltd.
1920 - both factories are purchased by Bank Handlowo-Przemysłowy from Poznań.
1923 - the factories are taken over by Stock Company Kermis.
1926 - the joint-stock company Porcelain Factory in Ćmielów becomes the new owner.
1942 - faience production is replaced by stoneware.
1945 - nationalization of the factory.
1949 - the factory splits into two independent companies Chodzież Porcelain Factory and Chodzież Stoneware Factory.
1962 - the Stoneware Factory starts building a new unit for producing porcelain.
1964 - Chodzież Porcelain Factory and Chodzież Stoneware Factory are again joined to make one company.
1991 - the stoneware factory is excluded from production.
1992 - the company is turned into Porcelain and Stoneware Factory „Chodzież” S.A.
2002 - the company is sold to a private owner.
2011 - the company starts operating under the name of Chodzież Porcelain S.A.
2013 - Ćmielów Porcelain Factory merges with Chodzież Porcelain S.A. Polish Porcelain Factories Ćmielów and Chodzież S.A. come into being.